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In-Home Care

Are you looking for alternatives to nursing home care or adult and assisted living facilities?

Our home care service is designed to meet almost any need and, specifically, to accommodate the ever-changing needs of seniors.

amount of care

Even three hours of service per day can make a world of difference. It is our belief that maintaining the highest degree of independence possible is best accomplished through prevention rather than cure.


With as little as three hours of assistance, daily obstacles such as hygienic care, domestic needs, transportation, and even loneliness can be overcome.


Classen Home Health also has a great deal of experience caring for individuals with greater needs. From convalescence after a hospitalization, to confusion and disorientation associated with dementia, to end of life care, our staff possesses the expertise and professionalism to meet your needs. 


Our services are available from three to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. A free nursing consultation can help you determine the amount and level of care that is appropriate for you or your loved one.

quality of care

For some, just getting the day started poses a monumental challenge, while others see loneliness and isolation as serious obstacles to living an independent, meaningful life.


Our staff is dedicated to identifying and helping overcome the wide array of difficult situations confronting seniors while living independently.


We realize that the decision to allow caregivers in to your home is not to be taken lightly. For this reason our administrative staff works hard to maintain continuity among caregivers and to match personalities that will foster productive, healthy relationships.


In addition to our skilled home care professionals, our registered and licensed nurses are also involved in the care giving process. Free routine visits and responses to extraordinary circumstances make our nursing staff a valuable resource to any client or family member seeking additional security. 


As a Licensed Home Care Agency, Classen Home Health offers assurance and peace of mind. We maintain continuous Professional and General Liability Insurance that is not found with unlicensed caregiver agencies. If you have concerns regarding the quality of care, then make sure that your chosen professionals are licensed.

People Who Benefit from Home Care 
  • Wanting to remain at home

  • In need of personal care assistance

  • Recovering from illness or surgery

  • In need of end-of-life care

  • At a high risk for falls

  • Experiencing medication errors

  • Confused or disoriented

  • Experiencing loneliness or unwanted isolation

  • Suffering from chronic dehydration or improper nutrition

  • In need of transportation to appointments or running errands

  • Desiring help with domestic support, shopping, and meal preparation

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